Antigen name O38 Species Escherichia coli Strains CFSAN026779;RHB21-C03;300086_aEPEC;200232;RHB13-C09...
EcoSP ID EcO38 polysaccharides O antigen
Structure (SPNG)
Structure (Chemical representation)
Structure (CSDBText) -6)[Ac(1-2)]bDGlcpN(1-3)[Ac(1-2)aDGlcpN(1-4),Ac(1-2)]bDGalpN(1-4)bDGlcpA(1-3)[Ac(1-2)]bDGalpN(1-
Gene cluster O locus O38
References DebRoy C, Fratamico PM, Yan X, Baranzoni G, Liu Y, Needleman DS, Tebbs R, O'Connell CD, Allred A, Swimley M et al: Comparison of O-Antigen Gene Clusters of All O-Serogroups of Escherichia coli and Proposal for Adopting a New Nomenclature for O-Typing. PLoS One 2016, 11(1):e0147434.